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All Paintings are Sold unless Marked as Available | (L) = Licensed 


copyright Joan Davis Art Studios 2024

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By the Sea

Circling Energy Collection

Quiet Waters Collection

This collection tells a background story of what we all ultimately seek. Peace, quiet and a sense of joy in  the present moment. The softly rainbowed Quiet Waters Collection paintings by Joan Davis create a view, a sense of timelessness and an intellectual push to abstraction using color as line.

True Dreams Collection

Silver Edges/Shades of Nature Collection

All pieces in collection are available.

Living the Dream Collection

Hollywood Hills Collection

Socal Sunset Series

Southbay California Tour 

Carolina I Collection 

Carolina II Collection 

Carolina III Collection 

Summer Snow Collection 

The Rat Pack Collection 

These vivid parchment rice paper prints are one of a kind compositions which take the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and his boys and weaves them among the whimsical design sense of artist Joan élan Davis.


Commissions of all types in this medium accepted. Joan can weave your own photos and any images you find dear into an original composition any size.

The Garden Gate Collection

So often we are standing back and looking through. On occasion we can become level with nature at its freshest moments with spring leaves, growing grasses and budding flowers. We peek through railings and Gates toward hopeful futures. 

Blue Sky Clear Sky Collection 

Precipice Series

These poignantly toned abstracts by J E Davis allow the viewer to see landscape from a sharp edged point of view. With bold strokes over soft, the collection  evokes emotions from excitement to peace to hope and back again.

Painted Journals Collection

The Sail, Sea & Sunset Collection

From the reflections on the water to its depths below. All is quiet. All is a rainbow of color. The artist, Joan Davis, enjoyed a few jewel toned days along the shore, spending quality time with family and friends near a marina in southern California. As the sun rises and sets, abstracted sail shapes take form in her paintings creating textures in paint and in joyous memory.

Tell It Like It Is Collection

The Life Story Collection (Collection sold. Commission request required.)

Golden Orient Collection

Silver Silence Collection

White Light Collection 

Walking by Water Colors Collection 

Still Life Collection 

Digging For Rainbows Collection

Infinity On Paper Collection

Notations Collection 

Ora Collection

Poured Patterns Collection

Textures Collection (All Colors and Textures Available by custom order on paper or canvas, special sizes available, Only by Phone or direct consultation with the artist.)

Woven Canvas Collection 

Executive Collection

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